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So….I have been playing otome games lately and my friend recently game this particular one. Norn 9 is a otome game that revolves around sci-fi/fantasy. It is set in the future and you start out playing as a young boy named Sorata. Sorata was on a field trip with his school when he suddenly heard a girl singing. No one else seemed to be able to hear it though, which confused him even more. Suddenly he blacked out and when he woke up Sorata found himself in an unfamiliar place.

Sorata began looking around this unfamiliar place when he ran into a girl who doesn’t remember her own name (although, I’ll refer to her as Koharu which is he actual name). She told him that he’s in a place called Taisho which made Sorata realise that he had somehow been transported to the past. Sorata tried to tell Koharu that he came from the future but she doesn’t seem to understand him and instead told him that she’s going to be boarding a ship. Sorata followed her, still really confused when suddenly a huge ship that looks like a globe descended, shocking him. Sorata and Koharu boarded, but was suddenly attacked by vines. Two guys named Kakeru and Akito were the ones who captured them, thinking that they were intruders. However after talking, Kakeru realised that Koharu is wearing the same uniform as the rest of them, so she must be a new member. Meanwhile as Akito was still being a bit rude (as usual), suddenly someone threw a chick- Hiyoko- at him. It seems like Akito is afraid of the chick because he quickly ran away. Haha poor Akito, I love him and all but really? You’re afraid of a bird dude? xDD

Anyway, Sorata and Koharu are then brought into a meeting room and met the rest of the members. They then decided to take Sorata to the Origin of the World. By the way for future reference, the ship they’re in is called Norn and they’re in an organization called the World. So yeah, the members were suspicious of Koharu though, because she’s wearing their uniform even though you can only get it after boarding the ship. However Koharu only said that a traveller gave it to her so they let it go. Sorata then suddenly realised that they’re flying and passed out from the shock xD.

When Sorata wakes up he is told to choose one of the girls to show him around. Oh yeah the girls are Nanami, Mikoto and Koharu. Personally, I like Nanami the best because Mikoto is really annoying and Koharu is a little bit too ditzy like. Just a little. Anyway, if you choose Nanami then you get to meet Akito, Heishi and Ron. If you choose Mikoto, you meet Sakuya and Itsuki. Lastly if you got with Koharu you meet Kakeru, Senri and Masamune. Personally I chose Nanami, so if you do choose her you go to the kitchen where Akito, Heishi and Ron are. Akito seems to be the best one at cooking at the ship while Heishi and Nanami seems to be the worst ones. Haha they told Nanami to fillet some fish and she used a kunai to do it….. ah and apparently she puts medicine in her cooking too ^.^;;;;; So to stop food going into disasters, Akito seems to be in charge. Ron meanwhile, seems to only care about himself as he even began eating without everyone else. By the way that guy is totally shady in my opinion. My friend like him for some reason, but he is totally suspicious!! He also seems to have this habit of forgetting everyone’s names even though he has been on the ship for awhile. By the way there was a funny part where Nanami introduced Akito to Sorata and Sorata said that he has a weird name. Nanami then said that his parents had named him because he’s the light that rises in the darkness to fulfill the wishes of this dark world, or so his parents hoped. Sorata seemed really impressed but Akito told her off saying not to make up weird stuff about other people’s names. Sorata then realised that Nanami was just making it up though Heishi seemed really impressed about it. He then tried to come up with a story about Ron’s name. So, he kept on saying Ron’s name like…..Muroboshi Ron…Ron, Ron…Ron, Ron. And while all that’s happening the text keeps switching from Kanji to Hiragana to Katakana. Haha Heishi you’re so funny. Sorata then asks why Ron’s wearing sunglasses inside to which he replied that his friend said his face looks ugly so he wears it all the time. Haha Ron are you sure whoever that is, is your friend? xDDD

Anyway regardless to who you choose, suddenly the ship was attacked and everyone panicked. Here you get to choose your heroine, so choose carefully because they each have three guys. I’ll go more in detail about what happens next in the next post but basically that was the prologue. Well at least the ones from Sorata’s point of view anyway. It was quite interesting though there were lots of moments where it’s kinda like…..huh? I guess that’s on purpose?

Anyway I’ll post the next one as soon as possible and it will be Nanami with Akito’s route since that’s who I chose first.