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So, here we are again with Episode 3!! Basically this episode revolves around Rei’s story. I found most of the ep kinda funny (aka the race) and well Rei’s story itself is….I don’t know. It’s kinda cute? Maybe? Haha~~

This time around it starts off with the team participating in a relay race at the school’s athletics day. Basically, the plan is that if they win people should want to join their club. And guess what……they’re participating while wearing their swimsuits!! Yeah apparently everyone has to wear their club uniform, and them being a swimming club……..

You get my point.

relay race

Aww Makoto, it’s okay~ I would be really embarrassed too! ^.^;;;;;;;;

So now we have the boys awkwardly running in their swimsuits. First of we have Haru-chan!
According to Gou, he has the perfect form. However……turns out that he’s actually slow on land. He needs water to survive? xDD
I found that really funny and ridiculous actually. So even the perfect Haruka has something he’s not good in? I thought you went running with Makoto everyday Haru-chan!!!~


Run, Haru, Run!!!!!!!~~

Thankfully though thanks to Makoto who’s actually fast at running and of course Rei who used to be in the track team, the team managed to win the race! Unfortunately though…..they still didn’t get any new members…
Yeah I’m really sorry guys. I felt bad for them, I really did. I mean, they’ve tried so many (*embarrassing*) things and yet not a single new member has joined them ><;;;;;;;
Anyway, I thought that was just ridiculous, but also surprisingly funny? I mean come on! Do they really do these things in Japan? ………..I doubt it. Anyway~~

Moving on…..after the race Rei was approached by the captain of the track team, asking him to go back. Because really, they could see that Rei is good at it. This made Rei feel conflicted, especially because he was the only one who could only swim one stroke- butterfly (how he did it in the first place stills bewildered me..). Haru and the others tried to teach him again but……

attempt 1......

attempt 1……

Attempt 1....

Attempt 2….

Like....how is that even possible?? It's amazing in its own way.....O.O

Like….how is that even possible?? It’s amazing in its own way…..O.O

See my point? I’m sorry Rei ^.^:;;;;;; If it makes you feel any better though, I think being able to swim/crawl right against the floor is pretty amazing…..
But anyway, after that Rei was kinda distance and he keeps disappearing all the time. Eventually Gou found out that he has been talking to the track-team captain and the others are worried that he’ll leave the swimming club. To be honest, I was a bit worried too……
So then, they decided to trail him one day to find out where he’s been going. I must say though, I was really amazed that he didn’t notice them? They weren’t exactly subtle…..I mean, look at this ->


Yeah, subtle guys….really….=.=;;;;;;

So how did Rei not notice them? Either he’s incredibly insensitive, or he just had a lot in his mind. I’m still not sure which one is the right reason.
I must say, even though their stalking methods was seriously ridiculous, I was a bit surprised by what Rei is actually hiding. Rin has been coaching him! Well there were two things I thought about this. First of all, I was glad to see Rin bond with Rei because in the last season they had this tension between them of the ‘new vs old’ thing. I guess with Rin helping Rei, it shows that he’s accepted Rei to be in his friends’ team and accept him as his friend too. It might also be to do with what Rei did for him last season, so Rin might have thought of it as paying back a favour in a way. Either way, it was sweet of him to do so.
Secondly, I thought that this also shows how much Rei wanted to be with his friends. I was ready to be seriously mad at him if he was quitting, but turns out it’s the opposite. Instead, he’s trying his best to improve and be closer to his friends by trying desperately to learn the other strokes. It might seem impossible, but he wouldn’t let it stop him. And you know…by the end of it he DID improve a bit ^^

Well what else is there….. I guess from the Samezuka side, there’s Momotarou being the really weird but hilarious kid he always is~ Also Ai being exasperated at his new roommate….and well Rin and Sousuke are roommates now? Funnily enough they both wanted the bottom bunk, but they decided to settle it the old fashioned way.





Well then that’s all for now~ I’ll see ya all in ep 4!!

Preview- Ep.4

So, how good is Momotarou really is anyway?
We finally get to see more about Rin and Sousuke’s relationship when they were kids!
And…..Gou is off on a mission to make the perfect lunch box???