Oh my ^^;;;;;;

Wow….I haven’t posted in two years………..
Sorry ^^;;;;;;;;;

Honestly, I just haven’t been reading or watching anything much last year. Uni kept me busy unfortunately. Well I’m on holiday now so I’ve actually been watching a lot of korean variety shows hahaha. Like what? Uhm…Running Man…Infinite Challenge…Hello Counsellor…Weekly Idol….stuff like that xDD Ah I’ve also finally got time to watch Shinhwa Broadcast? Lol can’t believe those guys are nearly in their 40s~ they act like kids xDDD

Other than that I’ve been gaming too~ I’m replaying FFX-2 since I never got to finish it before ’cause my copy broke before I could get there TT^TT
I also finally bought KH 2.5 so I’m playing that too. Axel~~ Roxas~~ I missed ya guys~~~
Hahaha not sure if I’ll be able to finish both games before uni starts again…but I’ll try hard? ^^;;;;;

My friend has also lent me Game of Thrones (and I bought the 2nd book lol), so I’m reading that at the moment. Oh, should I write up a review after I finish? Man it’s been so long since I last did one hahaha……..

Anyway uh I just posted mostly ’cause I was suddenly reminded by how long ago I posted….and honestly I don’t know how often I can post reviews anymore. Realistically, uni really keeps me busy (last year was hell, so I’m sure this year will be worse ><) but maybe I’ll just do random posts once in awhile?

Oh, oh! Ya know, it’s only Feb- the 2nd month of 2016- and yet so many of my favourite groups/singers are releasing new albums! It’s not fair! I want to buy them but I’m broke~~ international shipping is expensive!!
Hmm…..should I talk about them here? Ah why not…..here we go~

  1. How much love do you have in your wallet- Park Yoochun (15th Jan 2016)

    How do you add videos here? ahhh I don’t know~~
    Anyway uh, I just love this song. Yoochun’s voice is so nice and clear~ even though he was never the main singer, it’s clear that he has the talent. It’s even more awesome because this is his first solo and he released it as a gift for his fans while he’s in the army. That’s so nice of him!! We certainly appreciate it~ thanks Yoochun, stay healthy and come back safely!

  2. Roco Drama- Shin Hyesung (11th Jan 2016)

    Hyesung!!~~ How did I not know about your comeback!!! I was so shocked when I saw it!!
    He did really well though! I love this song, and Hyesung’s voice is heavenly as always~ worthy of an idol of 18 years. Personally what made it even cooler for me was that he used choreography here. Because Hyesung sings ballad songs, usually his solo doesn’t have choreography. Also, he’s known to be not a really strong dancer, so he certainly worked hard to learn it. It’s also nice that he used parts of dance moves from their other songs. Like the chair dance from ‘Alright’ and that part from JunJin’s solo…
    Also isn’t the flower move just really nice? I love it so much~~
    Hahaha anyway, good job Little Prince! xDDDDDD
  3. Little Prince- Ryeowook (27th Jan 2016)


    Aww~~~ this song is just so cute! I love the music video so much. I don’t know much about the story of Little Prince, but I just love how it’s portrayed here. Poor Ryeowook and his rose ><
    Also his voice is just amazing! Even when he does live it sounds like he swallowed the CD! How can you hit those high notes?!! I’m always so amazed by his ability. This further proves that Super Junior members can sing okay? I just hate it when people say they can’t sing. Listen to this song and tell me he can’t sing, I dare you!
  4. NO.X album – Jaejoong (12th Feb 2016)

    Full Album Audio

    Jaejoong!! This album left me speechless. I just love all the songs here! And the fact that it’s a full album! Like Yoochun, he prepared this album before he enlisted into the army as a gift for his fans. But as I already said this is a full album so it must’ve took so much effort and time to prepare it! Thank you so much! I certainly love it and I’m sure all your other fans do too. Good luck and stay healthy~ and come back safely soon! Oh? I believe he’ll be released in Dec? Yay!
    I really want to buy this album……I’ll save up!! ^O^

Anyway yeah…see what I mean? Hahaha not that I’m really complaining…in fact I’m happy~~ But yeah…..my poor wallet….lol ^^;;;;;;
Huh…I guess in a way this is a review too? Just a really brief one?
Hahahaha I’m so strange…..my posts seems to jump everywhere whenever I don’t have a definite topic to talk about. My bad~

Well then I guess that’s all for now…..please listen to those songs~ hopefully you like it as much as I do!
(Who am I talking too though? Does anyone even read my posts….^^;;;;;)

Hahaha Bye Bye~



Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 4


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This time around the episode is much lighter overall, well at least from the Iwatobi side it is anyway. Personally, I think this episode focused a bit more on the Samezuka side rather than Iwatobi. No worries though, because we still see Haru, Mako-chan and the others ^^

Well the episode starts off with a small flashback of Rin and Sousuke’s past. Not much is revealed at this point, just showing them using paper-scissors-rock to make decisions again (as usual) and basically being good friends. Actually when they were eating popsicles, it reminded me of Haru-chan and Mako-chan buying popsicles together. It was cute.

On to the lighter side -aka Iwatobi- Gou has decided to check everyone’s usual lunchbox to make sure that they have a healthy diet. Apparently according to her, Makoto’s needs more veggies, Haru’s ….was it had too much mackerel (I can’t remember), Rei’s needs more protein and Nagisa..well…
Let’s just say it like this, Nagisa’s lunch apparently always consists of this special Iwatobi-chan bun. By the way this bun is huge and it’s not a sandwich bun or anything, but it’s basically filled with cream, chocolate, jam stuff like that. I cringed at how sweet it looks ><

Yuck..........that looks way to sweet.....

Yuck……….that looks way to sweet…..

Look disgusting right? Well to me it does anyway. I don’t know how he does it. But then again, Nagisa has a weird stomach as will be revealed in later episodes….
Anyway since Gou deemed none of the lunches a “perfect lunch” she decided to make them one!~

Well so, Rin then was shown taking his friends (Sousuke, Momo and Ai) shopping for new swimsuits. But then…..they met Gou! Momo was way too excited when he saw her that he started talking to her excitedly and making her feel a bit uncomfortable. Apparently the fact that Rin is her brother and doesn’t approve, didn’t scare Momo even the tiniest bit? xD

I must say, he's kinda cute though~~

I must say, he’s kinda cute though~~

My favourite part I must say though, is the second flashback of Rin and Sousuke’s childhood. It was kinda sad actually because it was revealed that after Rin left Sousuke always waited for Rin’s letters but slowly they died down. I felt bad for him because if I was in Sousuke’s position, I would be really sad myself. Rin! How could you!! Please don’t forget about your friends like that ><
It was also shown the race between them and the promise they made as a kid. Basically, Rin has to do something for Sousuke but even now, he still hasn’t decided what that something is. (Psst! Just ask him to be your boyfriend xDDD)
I have a feeling though that Sousuke will probably demand his price later. I just hope that it won’t be something bad….
Another part that I thought was really sad is when Sousuke and Rin argued after the relay and Sousuke said that they shouldn’t swim together on relays anymore. Rin looked so heartbroken that I was like ‘no!!! why are you breaking the bromance??!!!!’ TT^TT
Not to mention back in the present, Rin and Sousuke later have an argument about a similar topic. Basically Sousuke said that Rin shouldn’t waste his time playing around when he could be improving his time. However Rin expressed how important the relay is to him and that his friends are the source of his strength. I guess Sousuke could see Rin’s feelings because he then decided to join the relay team.

I thought that this part was quite nice actually, despite the bittersweet parts of it. There isn’t much that we know at the moment about Sousuke, however this flashback revealed parts of his friendship with Rin. Because they seemed to be really good friends, I kinda compare their relationship to be that of Haru and Makoto. Well Haru and Makoto has a what I would say balanced relationship I guess? I mean Haru can be headstrong sometimes if it’s to do with what he wants, but he’s also quite calm. Makoto on the other hand is a really nice and selfless character. He would certainly put Haru’s wants before his own. They would hardly (if ever) fight but they might have problems making decisions in the future, because they (Mako-chan especially) would be worried about the other person. Sousuke and Rin on the other hand are two very headstrong characters. They often argue as can be seen in this episode, and certainly they would often disagree with each other. However if there was a problem, I think it would be easier to be solved between Sousuke and Rin rather than Makoto and Haru. This is because Makoto and Haru would probably hide it to not worry the other, while Sousuke and Rin (Rin in particular really) would probably out rightly say/shout the problem. Either way, I have faith in all of them!

Wow look what I did…..how did it get to be like that. Well I probably will be comparing these four more in the future though, because I guess it is very comparable. But for now I guess I’ll stop there now, before I get more side-tracked ^^




On a happier note~ Gou returns with her so-called perfect lunchbox. At first glance it looked perfectly normal…it looks good even. However when Makoto and Haru had to try it…..

Oh man those expressions....><;;;;;;

Oh man those expressions….><;;;;;;

Man poor them! Based on their expressions, it must’ve tasted pretty horrid!
Turns out it was because she put protein powder into her food!! (This reminds me of Riko’s cooking from Kuroko no Basuke…..)
Yikes Gou, of course it would taste horrible!

One thing I’ve learnt everyone, is that NEVER put protein powder into food!!!!!!!

Free! Eternal Summer- Episode 3


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So, here we are again with Episode 3!! Basically this episode revolves around Rei’s story. I found most of the ep kinda funny (aka the race) and well Rei’s story itself is….I don’t know. It’s kinda cute? Maybe? Haha~~

This time around it starts off with the team participating in a relay race at the school’s athletics day. Basically, the plan is that if they win people should want to join their club. And guess what……they’re participating while wearing their swimsuits!! Yeah apparently everyone has to wear their club uniform, and them being a swimming club……..

You get my point.

relay race

Aww Makoto, it’s okay~ I would be really embarrassed too! ^.^;;;;;;;;

So now we have the boys awkwardly running in their swimsuits. First of we have Haru-chan!
According to Gou, he has the perfect form. However……turns out that he’s actually slow on land. He needs water to survive? xDD
I found that really funny and ridiculous actually. So even the perfect Haruka has something he’s not good in? I thought you went running with Makoto everyday Haru-chan!!!~


Run, Haru, Run!!!!!!!~~

Thankfully though thanks to Makoto who’s actually fast at running and of course Rei who used to be in the track team, the team managed to win the race! Unfortunately though…..they still didn’t get any new members…
Yeah I’m really sorry guys. I felt bad for them, I really did. I mean, they’ve tried so many (*embarrassing*) things and yet not a single new member has joined them ><;;;;;;;
Anyway, I thought that was just ridiculous, but also surprisingly funny? I mean come on! Do they really do these things in Japan? ………..I doubt it. Anyway~~

Moving on…..after the race Rei was approached by the captain of the track team, asking him to go back. Because really, they could see that Rei is good at it. This made Rei feel conflicted, especially because he was the only one who could only swim one stroke- butterfly (how he did it in the first place stills bewildered me..). Haru and the others tried to teach him again but……

attempt 1......

attempt 1……

Attempt 1....

Attempt 2….

Like....how is that even possible?? It's amazing in its own way.....O.O

Like….how is that even possible?? It’s amazing in its own way…..O.O

See my point? I’m sorry Rei ^.^:;;;;;; If it makes you feel any better though, I think being able to swim/crawl right against the floor is pretty amazing…..
But anyway, after that Rei was kinda distance and he keeps disappearing all the time. Eventually Gou found out that he has been talking to the track-team captain and the others are worried that he’ll leave the swimming club. To be honest, I was a bit worried too……
So then, they decided to trail him one day to find out where he’s been going. I must say though, I was really amazed that he didn’t notice them? They weren’t exactly subtle…..I mean, look at this ->


Yeah, subtle guys….really….=.=;;;;;;

So how did Rei not notice them? Either he’s incredibly insensitive, or he just had a lot in his mind. I’m still not sure which one is the right reason.
I must say, even though their stalking methods was seriously ridiculous, I was a bit surprised by what Rei is actually hiding. Rin has been coaching him! Well there were two things I thought about this. First of all, I was glad to see Rin bond with Rei because in the last season they had this tension between them of the ‘new vs old’ thing. I guess with Rin helping Rei, it shows that he’s accepted Rei to be in his friends’ team and accept him as his friend too. It might also be to do with what Rei did for him last season, so Rin might have thought of it as paying back a favour in a way. Either way, it was sweet of him to do so.
Secondly, I thought that this also shows how much Rei wanted to be with his friends. I was ready to be seriously mad at him if he was quitting, but turns out it’s the opposite. Instead, he’s trying his best to improve and be closer to his friends by trying desperately to learn the other strokes. It might seem impossible, but he wouldn’t let it stop him. And you know…by the end of it he DID improve a bit ^^

Well what else is there….. I guess from the Samezuka side, there’s Momotarou being the really weird but hilarious kid he always is~ Also Ai being exasperated at his new roommate….and well Rin and Sousuke are roommates now? Funnily enough they both wanted the bottom bunk, but they decided to settle it the old fashioned way.





Well then that’s all for now~ I’ll see ya all in ep 4!!

Preview- Ep.4

So, how good is Momotarou really is anyway?
We finally get to see more about Rin and Sousuke’s relationship when they were kids!
And…..Gou is off on a mission to make the perfect lunch box???

Free! Eternal Summer: Ep 1 & 2


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So, so, the second season of Free! is finally out!! Actually it’s been out for a few weeks but I’ve only decided to start a review about it now. So I suppose I’ll do a review for each episode after this~~

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Free!, it’s an anime about swimming. Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei are a part of a swimming club in their high school, Iwatobi. They are preparing to gain new members for their club and also reach the nationals. However, a rival of theirs is the famous and strong swimming team Samezuka, led by their captain Rin. And not only that there are also future plans to think about and new characters to deal with. Either way, it is still filled with some funny scenes, interesting characters and also of course….shirtless guys. Well, swimming anime and all~~ xDDD

Well for Episode 1 it starts with a VERY familiar scene if you’ve seen season one. Makoto (aww I love the guy) goes and picks up Haru for school…….but Haru insists on making mackerel first after his bath. As always xD

Makoto!!! So cute!!!! ^////^

Makoto!!! So cute!!!! ^////^

Also they went to visit Samezuka because their captain has graduated!! (I’ll miss you Mikoshiba senpai!!! ) However, Rin has been named the next captain! Yay, I’m so proud of him. He has really mellowed out a lot since the last season. I guess after he got his ‘issues’ sorted, he’s back to his normal self!! Which is the ‘Guardian of Bromance!!!” Wohoo!!~~ (name courtesy to my friend)
He even cried in front of his sister!! Aww it’s okay Rin, the cherry blossoms- filled pool WAS beautiful! Too bad it rained~

Also, they swim club had to come up with an advertising strategy to gain members. And for some reason, the idea Gou (their manager) came up with is…..MUSCLES!





And more muscles!!!

And more muscles!!!

And of course this cutie who just couldn't stop blushing ^o^

And of course this cutie who just couldn’t stop blushing ^o^

So yeah, too bad it didn’t work? xDD
Ah who cares, it was damn hilarious!!!!

Something else that happened was the arrival of the new character, TADA!! His name is Sousuke Yamazaki and he’s Rin’s childhood friend. Okay, first impressions of the guy.

1. What the….that hat…that style….are you copying Rin? Because that’s how he showed up in season 1!!

Rin- season , first appearance

Rin- season , first appearance


Sousuke- season 2, first appearance

2. Whoa dude, are you being a stalker? Don’t watch the others swimming creepily like that!

3. Yikes his eyes are scary!! So intense!

4. ……tch. He’s good looking.

SousukeSo, who IS this guy?

well then, on to episode 2 we go~


Basically on ep 2 we find out that Sousuke is Rin’s childhood friend that had for some reason decided to follow Rin to Samezuka. His specialty is butterfly also he can also swim freestyle. He and Rin are good friends but for a mysterious reason, Sousuke really hates Haru. I mean come on, look at their first encounter!!

Yeah please don't.....Haru is Mako-chan's, no need to be jealous~ xD

Yeah please don’t…..Haru is Mako-chan’s, no need to be jealous~ xD

Have I mentioned I ship SouRin now? Kinda hard not too?

Aww lol, how cute xD

Aww lol, how cute xD

But of course, first ship would be MakoHaru!! Yeah those two are so cute…..besides, they act like a married couple anyway! Hahaha xDD


See Sousuke? No need to be jealous, Rin is all~~ yours xDD

Anyway, in all seriousness…..there’s also another new character this time~

And guess what?!

It’s Mikoshiba senpai’s brother!!! His name is Mikoshiba Momotarou and his specialty is backstroke. He apparently associates himself to a sea otter? That kid is so funny and random haha!! He’s so~~~ similar to his older brother! And apparently they both have the same taste in girls to!!! (which is of course, Gou)


So yup, episode 2 is basically introducing new characters!! There’s apparently one more new character, but he doesn’t come out until later so yeah~~

Well then, there’s that for ep 1 & 2

I’ll be back for ep3 soon since I’ve already watched it awhile ago anyway~~

Preview- Ep.3:

In order to gain more members, the Iwatobi swim club members are entering the relay race in the school athletics day!! And they are running!!!!!

In their swimsuits.

So, will they win?

Also, what’s wrong with Rei? Why has he been distance and is he….leaving?

Norn 9- Prologue


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So….I have been playing otome games lately and my friend recently game this particular one. Norn 9 is a otome game that revolves around sci-fi/fantasy. It is set in the future and you start out playing as a young boy named Sorata. Sorata was on a field trip with his school when he suddenly heard a girl singing. No one else seemed to be able to hear it though, which confused him even more. Suddenly he blacked out and when he woke up Sorata found himself in an unfamiliar place.

Sorata began looking around this unfamiliar place when he ran into a girl who doesn’t remember her own name (although, I’ll refer to her as Koharu which is he actual name). She told him that he’s in a place called Taisho which made Sorata realise that he had somehow been transported to the past. Sorata tried to tell Koharu that he came from the future but she doesn’t seem to understand him and instead told him that she’s going to be boarding a ship. Sorata followed her, still really confused when suddenly a huge ship that looks like a globe descended, shocking him. Sorata and Koharu boarded, but was suddenly attacked by vines. Two guys named Kakeru and Akito were the ones who captured them, thinking that they were intruders. However after talking, Kakeru realised that Koharu is wearing the same uniform as the rest of them, so she must be a new member. Meanwhile as Akito was still being a bit rude (as usual), suddenly someone threw a chick- Hiyoko- at him. It seems like Akito is afraid of the chick because he quickly ran away. Haha poor Akito, I love him and all but really? You’re afraid of a bird dude? xDD

Anyway, Sorata and Koharu are then brought into a meeting room and met the rest of the members. They then decided to take Sorata to the Origin of the World. By the way for future reference, the ship they’re in is called Norn and they’re in an organization called the World. So yeah, the members were suspicious of Koharu though, because she’s wearing their uniform even though you can only get it after boarding the ship. However Koharu only said that a traveller gave it to her so they let it go. Sorata then suddenly realised that they’re flying and passed out from the shock xD.

When Sorata wakes up he is told to choose one of the girls to show him around. Oh yeah the girls are Nanami, Mikoto and Koharu. Personally, I like Nanami the best because Mikoto is really annoying and Koharu is a little bit too ditzy like. Just a little. Anyway, if you choose Nanami then you get to meet Akito, Heishi and Ron. If you choose Mikoto, you meet Sakuya and Itsuki. Lastly if you got with Koharu you meet Kakeru, Senri and Masamune. Personally I chose Nanami, so if you do choose her you go to the kitchen where Akito, Heishi and Ron are. Akito seems to be the best one at cooking at the ship while Heishi and Nanami seems to be the worst ones. Haha they told Nanami to fillet some fish and she used a kunai to do it….. ah and apparently she puts medicine in her cooking too ^.^;;;;; So to stop food going into disasters, Akito seems to be in charge. Ron meanwhile, seems to only care about himself as he even began eating without everyone else. By the way that guy is totally shady in my opinion. My friend like him for some reason, but he is totally suspicious!! He also seems to have this habit of forgetting everyone’s names even though he has been on the ship for awhile. By the way there was a funny part where Nanami introduced Akito to Sorata and Sorata said that he has a weird name. Nanami then said that his parents had named him because he’s the light that rises in the darkness to fulfill the wishes of this dark world, or so his parents hoped. Sorata seemed really impressed but Akito told her off saying not to make up weird stuff about other people’s names. Sorata then realised that Nanami was just making it up though Heishi seemed really impressed about it. He then tried to come up with a story about Ron’s name. So, he kept on saying Ron’s name like…..Muroboshi Ron…Ron, Ron…Ron, Ron. And while all that’s happening the text keeps switching from Kanji to Hiragana to Katakana. Haha Heishi you’re so funny. Sorata then asks why Ron’s wearing sunglasses inside to which he replied that his friend said his face looks ugly so he wears it all the time. Haha Ron are you sure whoever that is, is your friend? xDDD

Anyway regardless to who you choose, suddenly the ship was attacked and everyone panicked. Here you get to choose your heroine, so choose carefully because they each have three guys. I’ll go more in detail about what happens next in the next post but basically that was the prologue. Well at least the ones from Sorata’s point of view anyway. It was quite interesting though there were lots of moments where it’s kinda like…..huh? I guess that’s on purpose?

Anyway I’ll post the next one as soon as possible and it will be Nanami with Akito’s route since that’s who I chose first.

The Shadow Throne (Ascendence Trilogy #3)


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Haha so guess what? I’m alive!!~~ ^///^
Uh yeah so here we go again….

Rating: 5/5

Damn. This series is so good.
I absolutely loved the first book. It was interesting and very unexpected. I really didn’t expect the twist they added, although now that I think about it….maybe I should have seen it coming haha xD The second book was pretty good, although I still preferred the first book better. So, when I found this book, I really was excited to read it. And man I was very impressed.

So in this book, Carthya is up in a war against Avenia (mainly) and a few other countries. Unexpectedly (or maybe it was expected after all?) they had kidnapped Imogen and used her against Jaron. Just like the other two books, the author never failed to surprise me. It’s like, the characters are always on top of each other, so you never really know who’s gonna win in the end. I really liked Jaron because as a King, he was very unexpected. I mean first of all, he’s young. Also he’s quite…a rebel, haha. He’s often very impulsive but he’s also cunning and very witty. I really liked Jaron ’cause he seemed to always be able to trick his enemies and insult them at the same time. So yeah~~

I also liked how it was constantly they lost, they won, they lost, won and so on. It kept me really intrigued and I couldn’t stop reading because I wanna know what’s gonna happen next. I never quite know exactly when they’re goona win if he’s really gonna die. And then suddenly something good will happen and he’ll win! Haha.
I also liked how Jaron interacted with the other characters. He’s quite blunt and sometimes a bit rude, but you can tell that he cares about them, even constantly risking his own life for his people. Seriously, I approved of Jaron being a king *nods nods*
I also liked Amarinda suprisingly. At the start of the second book, I was worried that she’ll be an annoying girl. But I was wrong, she’s pretty awesome and brave as well. I really approved of her and Tobias together, I knew it was gonna happen xDD
And of course I liked Imogen from the very start. She’s interesting, brave and not like typical female characters whose thoughts are only filled with love. In fact my favourite part of this book is that romance is not the main plot at all. I am SICK of reading books where the romance fills it to the brim. However it was nice that the romance was a background plot. It was there and it waws nice, but not too much. I liked how Imogen and Jaron interacted with each other as well. It was subtle like running her finger through his hair, but it was noticeable and pretty sweet. So yeah, I totally approved ^^

Overall it was really nice. Just like the previous two books the best part of this book was also the way that Jaron would use his wits and brains to overthrow his enemies. It was a very good way to keep me entertain I think.
So yeah, loved it. Totally. I would recommend it to everyone~

Sorry~~ ><

I am very, VERY sorry that I haven’t updated anything lately. School has been keeping me so busy that I just had no time to read. 
I mean come on, they literally dumped assignments after assignments, after assignments. ~sigh~ it is so hectic. 
Anyway since it’s a short holiday at the moment, I finally have time to read. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it soon and post another review. 
Please do look forward to it and I’ll try my best to update! ^^


Deltora Quest – Series One


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Overall Rating- 5/5

Hey everyone, how are you all? Today I’ll be reviewing one of my favourite childhood series, Deltora Quest. I first read this series back when I was like….Year 7 or something? And I really liked it. The reason why I re-read is that I’ve gotten a bit tired of the typical books nowadays. They tend to have too much romance and not enough plot and action. Also the general plot seems to be somewhat repeating itself, although in different ways. I miss a good book that’s purely full of fantasy, adventure or mystery. Hence, I went and re-read this series.

So, the first series itself made up of 8 books. I’ll write a little comment about each of them and individual ratings as well ^^

Overall Summary (Goodreads): For centuries, the evil Shadow Lord has been plotting to invade Deltora and enslave its people. All that stands in his way is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven gems of great and mysterious power. Now, Leif, Barda, and Jasmine must unite to find the seven gems and save Deltora from an eternity of darkness.

Book 1: Forest of Silence
Rating- 4.5/5 

I really liked the start of this series. I loved how there’s a background story, which accompanies the reasons why Lief must go and find the gems of Deltora. This one has always been one of my favourites, one of the reasons because it’s where they meet Jasmine. She had stumbled upon Lief and Barda at first, to steal their belongings as they were paralyzed by these creatures. However, her compassion won and she helped them. Eventually she became their companions and a great addition to their team. I love strong female characters like her who can take care of themselves and doesn’t need help all the time. I also found the Guardian in this book interesting. If you don’t know the series, each of the gem that the company are looking for, are guarded by a fearsome Guardian. This Guardian was a man long ago who had looked for flowers called Lilies of Life with his companions, but his greed caused him to kill his companion. He ended up being stuck to guarding the lilies and killing people who are trying to steal it. The way that they defeated him was rather…by chance? Haha well Kree, Jasmine’s bird, saved Lief’s life and enabled him to take the topaz, the symbol of faithfulness. Yay, go Kree!! ^o^

Book 2: The Lake of Tears

Rating: 4.5/5

I just loved the riddles in this book!! Oh, have I mentioned that this series is full of riddles? I loved reading and trying to solve these riddles! It makes me feel really proud whenever I manage to solve it~
Anyway the start of the book has the group stumbling into a trap, as always…..^.^;;;; They had entered a quicksand and was saved by Nij and Doj. The group thought they were good people, even though they were speaking in a language they couldn’t understand. However, really they were just under a spell that makes whatever the two says sound backwards…their names are actually Jin and Jod, children of a fearsome witch, Thaegan. I felt really proud when I figured it out as soon as I met them~~ hahaha!! xDD
I also loved the riddles that came out with the guardian of the bridge. I can proudly say I managed to solve 2 of them. Unfortunately the third one was a dirty trick pulled by the guardian. However, Lief was just so good! He managed to trick the guardian and also saved its life (it’s actually a bird cursed by Thaegan to be a guardian).
The Guardian itself was a sea monster called Soldeen. The battle was interesting, although the final battle was against the witch herself, Thaegan. Either way, they managed to escape and took another gem, the ruby which is the symbol of happiness.

Book 3: City of Rats

Rating: 4/5

Yikes~~~ this book has always been my least favourite in this series. Reason for that being…..well uhh…does the title hold a clue? ^.^;;; There were thousands of huge rats crawling through the plain, eating everything. Yuck~~~ ><
The most memorable part for me was when the group ended up in Noradz. Have I mentioned that they ALWAYS get into trouble? Well the Noradzeer people at first seems like perfectly good people who live in prosperity. However they have strange customs such as whenever someone spill food, it’s considered great treachery and they must be punished. For example with death. It’s ridiculous. The leaders of the race also inspects every food that the cooks make everyday, and most of them are considered unworthy and supposedly thrown away. I was disgusted, just like Lief was. Many people in Deltora was starving as there was great shortage of food due to the Shadow Lord. So, how can these people just throw perfectly good food away? The answer was simple. It was because the leaders were secretly delivering the ‘thrown away’ food to the Grey Guards, servants of the Shadow Lord. Who would have thought? Either way they managed to escape and went to the plain where all the rats are. How disgusting…
So, they defeated the Guardian which was a giant snake (yikes) and took the third gem- the opal- which is a symbol of hope.

Book 4: The Shifting Sands 

Rating: 4/5

Okay well this book remains the….vaguest book in the series. The reason being was the Guardian of the fourth gem. That creature on the cover? Yeah, that’s not the Guardian. That’s just one of the hideous desert creatures. The Guardian is actually the desert itself, or called ‘The Hive’. The Hive is…..something that I still don’t understand….it uhh has this pyramid thing underneath the sands made up of dead beings though…which was disgusting. But uh yeah, I’ve given up on trying to understand The HIve. I tried, I really did, but to no avail. Ah well, Lief is smarter than me~~ Haha even Barda didn’t get it so that’s fine ^o^
My favourite part is the games they participated in Rithmire. It was like a fighting game, although much, MUCH more ruthless. It was also where you first meet Doom! Who is quite an important character~~ Anyway, the winner of the games ended up being Jasmine! Wohoo~~ I was so proud of her. She proved that she was the ‘strongest’ out of everyone there! Either way, they managed to beat The Hive and took the fourth gem – the lapis lazuli- which is a powerful talisman.

Book 5: Dread Mountain

Ratings: 4.5/5

This is where the first met the Kin! Well the Kin are gentle, winged creatures who used to live in Dread Mountain. However they were forced out of the mountain when the Shadow Lord begin his reign. The group became friends with Filli, who helped them get to the mountain with two other Kin. They are really nice, and they also come out in the…third series I believe.
Either way at the start, I disliked the gnomes, who dared tricked the group! However, really they were forced to become slaves to that hideous looking toad in the cover, called Gellick. Ah by the way, the gnomes had to breed some flies in the caves to feed Gellick. Yuck. They were cages everywhere filled with hundreds and thousands of flies! Ugh…..
Ah, before you asked, the cages had nets wrapped around it so that the flies can’t escape xD
So, when Gellick was defeated I was VERY happy. Oh, he became tree! How cool is that? Haha good for the environment~~
And hence, the group secured the fifth gem- the emerald- a symbol of honour…Also, the Kin managed to go back to their home in the mountains!~

Book 6: Maze of the Beast 

Rating: 4.5/5

I just love the riddles in thsi book! Also, it is when they became acquainted to Dain who told them about Ols. Uhh yeah that guy…..this is revealed in the last book but he’s not a good guy. Thing is I can’t remember much from when I first read it, but Dain was…..unsettling? At first he was nice and all but he became too…perfect and suspicious. Turns out I was right when I got to the last book~ xDD
The Guardian here was…..yuck. Sheesh a lot of them are disgusting aren’t they? Yup, it’s that ferocious looking slug on the cover. It was called the Glus and I was seriously tense when the group were running away from him in the maze. So heart-wrenching! I even felt bad for Milne one of the pirates (not a good guy) that was killed by the Glus. Yuck, don’t wanna imagine it…….
Either way they successfully retrieved the sixth gem- the amethyst- symbol of truth..just one more to go!~~

Book 7: Valley of the Lost 

Rating: 5/5 

Now this book is my favourite of the series. Why? Of course because of the riddles! The Guardian was that guy in the cover and to beat him, they had to guess his name. Of course, it wasn’t an easy task. They had to find clues all around his domain. Okay well…I would love to explain the clues but it would be much too long and complicated. Since that was the greatest highlight, unfortunately that means this book’s review will be shorter. Either way…they managed to guess the Guardian’s name (and freed him from his curse) and retrieved the last gem- the diamond- a symbol of purity and strength.

Book 8: Return to Del

Rating: 4.5/5 

Man, it’s kinda hard to talk about each books….I haven’t talked about the characters have I? Well let’s do that after this book. So in this book, Lief and company needs to go back to Del and find the heir to the throne who must wear the belt. Unfortunately however they are missing a very important part of the belt, the order of the gems. They must be placed in this order, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, Opal, and Ruby. Which if you notice, spells out DELTORA. Luckily, Lief is as smart as ever and managed to figure it out, I’m proud of ya!~~ ^o^
When he managed to figure that out he still didn’t realize that Lief is the heir~ Ah well it was well hidden, unfortunately since I’ve read it before, I knew it from the start though ^^
Well I though it was a nice end to the series….even though it’s the last book, it doesn’t go straight away to the end. They still had to face some troubles such as the order of the gems and Del getting attacked. So yup, overall a nice ending to a great series.


Now for the characters….my favourite character is Lief. It’s not often that I like the main protagonist, but I really liked Lief. He’s brave, admirable and somewhat cunning. What impressed me the most is his ability to solve riddles and all that. In other words, Lief is very smart. He also showed great compassion towards others, which I’m sure are great personalities for a king. Jasmine, is my second favourite. I liked her mainly because she’s not a useless female character. I hate main female characters who are helpless and needs saving all the time. However Jasmine is strong and brave, and she can obviously take care of herself. I mean, she managed to win in the Games after all and beat Doom!! Now Barda….He’s I suppose like the guardian figure for Lief and Jasmine. I mean he’s also the oldest, so it makes sense too. Barda is greatly loyal and trusts his companions. He also showed worry over Lief and Jasmine, especially Lief whom was trusted to him. I quite liked Barda too, and he’s also very helpful in their quest.

So, that’s one of my favourite series. It’s filled with wonderful riddles, adventure and ferocious creatures. It’s really a great series, so if it’s your type of genre, please do read it! I know it’s considered children fiction, but seriously it shouldn’t stop you from reading it. The plot, characters, creatures and riddles in these books are sure to keep you entertained ^^

The False Prince- Ascendance Trilogy #1


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Hey everyone!!~~ First of all, belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with your friends and family.Anyway, let’s go to today’s review~~ ^^

Overall rating- 4.5-5/5

Summary (goodreads)- THE FALSE PRINCE is the thrilling first book in a brand-new trilogy filled with danger and deceit and hidden identities that will have readers rushing breathlessly to the end.

In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king’s long-lost son and install him as a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role, including a defiant boy named Sage. Sage knows that Conner’s motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a sword’s point — he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly be killed. But Sage’s rivals have their own agendas as well.

As Sage moves from a rundown orphanage to Conner’s sumptuous palace, layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold, until finally, a truth is revealed that, in the end, may very well prove more dangerous than all of the lies taken together.

An extraordinary adventure filled with danger and action, lies and deadly truths that will have readers clinging to the edge of their seats.

Well, this book was just way better than I expected. I’ve been reading a lot of dystopian novels lately, so I just needed a break from it. What better genre is there to read other than fantasy?

I just love this story so much. There are twists and surprises in this story so I’ll try not to reveal too much in this review…

I love the characters, they were really unpredictable. At the start, Sage seems arrogant, a little selfish and was pretty much a rebel. It seemed like he doesn’t care about the plan at all, and that he’s not even trying. However as the story went on, he totally surprised me. Sage actually has incredible secrets of his own, that personally I did not expect. He also turned out to be a smart (not so much in a knowledgeable kind) and very cunning. I don’t want to spoil his secret, but I’ll just point out that there are clues dropped throughout the book about this secret. When I finished the book, I looked back to this clues and was like… ‘Oh~that makes sense now!’ 😛

Roden and Tobias were kinda like different sides of a coin. Tobias started out being the selfish, annoying character and Roden was the loyal, kind friend. However, that completely changed, and I was genuinely surprised. I can’t wait to read more about them in the next book.

Conner was also…hard to figure out. I knew he wasn’t a good guy, but I also didn’t think he was necessarily evil. This is why I like the characters in this book. You read it halfway and thinks you understand the characters. But then the story flipped and everything changes. It was very surprising and exciting. A lot of things in this book was very unexpected. I also liked the minor characters such as Imogen and Mott. Imogen was a nice and kind girl, but to be honest I don’t really know much about her yet. I hope this means that I’ll be seeing more of her in the next book. Mott was also a nice character as he was some sort of a protector/guardian for Sage. He was strict, ruthless but kind and incredibly loyal. I just look forward to seeing how much more these characters are going to grow.

The story plot was also exciting and mysterious. There were a lot of blanks at the start so it kept me going. It also made me guess things, and want to find out the answer. It was really fun to read. I was most curious about Conner’s plan. Is he really evil? Is he a nice guy that just wants the best for his country? Or is he a mix of both? Yeah it was kinda hard to determine that…

There were also interesting things that were taught to the orphans. Such as, table manners, dancing, horse-riding, sword fights etc. Did you know that when nobles ate soup, they scoop the food away from them not towrds them so that it wouldn’t spill. Interesting huh?

At around halfway, I was considering 4 stars but then everything flipped and I went to about 4.5-5 stars. So yeah, I loved it. I’m really looking forward to the next one!! I hope it comes out soon!!

I think that if you enjoy some fantasy/mystery/adventure story then give it a try. There is only a very subtle romance, but the story is definitely worth reading. I hope that you’ll give it a try! :]

Allegiant- Divergent #3


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Rating: 4/5

Summary (Goodreads) :The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

Told from a riveting dual perspective, Allegiant, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the Divergent series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent

So, finally I have finished reading the last book of the Divergent series!! YaY! And I own all of them too which is awesome~
Anyway, so this book was quite interesting as it was written from two perspectives- Tobias’ and Tris’. At first I found it annoying and quite confusing but eventually I got used to it. I was really interested in the plotline as finally they managed to go into the outside world. I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting, but it  certainly wasn’t that.

The Bureau were rather….uhh I don’t know how to describe them actually. But I found the idea of people being “genetically damaged” ridiculous. Just like Tris said, I expected being Divergent meant something…more significant. But seriously? Just because you have a special gene? How ridiculous. They also made a lot of people suffer because of this idea. I mean come on, everyone are born with different genes, it’s not a bad thing. Also, you can’t explain people’s behaviours merely because of their genes. I was happy when they decided to overthrow them. Although, I’m still not quite sure if I agree with how they did it. I mean, I know they were desperate since their whole city are in immense danger. But…..erasing everyone’s memories is not pleasant. But anyway it happened so……

The characters themselves are lovely as usual. Tris and Tobias has some trouble along the way….with them not exactly trusting each other and all that. Tobias was being stupid for trusting Nita, but the way Tris acts sometimes can also be a bit….uhh yeah. But anyway, they resolved it in the end so it was all good. I also felt like they were trying to fix their broken relationships with their family. For example Tobias with his parents. I wasn’t surprised when Tobias felt conflicted as his father was only banished, not sentenced to death. Also, despite everything Caleb did, Tris still saved him multiple times. I guess this shows that no matter how much you hate your family, they are still your family. In the end, you’ll do anything to save them. I thought that idea was nice.

Also, this book made me love Uriah more! Hahaha what is it with me and liking supporting characters? Ahh to bad~~
But seriously, Uriah is awesome. He always was pretty cool since the beginning, but I liked him even more here. Pity that Zeke didn’t leave with them because I like him too.

But oh my the ending…….TT^TT
Ugh it was horrible! Oh, no spoiling the ending, right, gotta remember that.
But anyway, I can’t believe it! Actually, I can but why?? Aww not those two!! Tch. Either way, it was still a wonderful book. To be honest, it’s not my favourite book out of the series, but I still liked it nevertheless. I’m glad that I was introduced to this series early on, and I enjoyed it ’till the end. Thank you Veronica Roth, for writing a wonderful series.

So, what I’m trying to say is, if you like dystopian books, with a little bit (uh maybe more than a little?) of romance and adventure, do read this book. I can’t promise you’ll love it as much as I do, but it won’t hurt to give it a try right? ^^