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This time around the episode is much lighter overall, well at least from the Iwatobi side it is anyway. Personally, I think this episode focused a bit more on the Samezuka side rather than Iwatobi. No worries though, because we still see Haru, Mako-chan and the others ^^

Well the episode starts off with a small flashback of Rin and Sousuke’s past. Not much is revealed at this point, just showing them using paper-scissors-rock to make decisions again (as usual) and basically being good friends. Actually when they were eating popsicles, it reminded me of Haru-chan and Mako-chan buying popsicles together. It was cute.

On to the lighter side -aka Iwatobi- Gou has decided to check everyone’s usual lunchbox to make sure that they have a healthy diet. Apparently according to her, Makoto’s needs more veggies, Haru’s ….was it had too much mackerel (I can’t remember), Rei’s needs more protein and Nagisa..well…
Let’s just say it like this, Nagisa’s lunch apparently always consists of this special Iwatobi-chan bun. By the way this bun is huge and it’s not a sandwich bun or anything, but it’s basically filled with cream, chocolate, jam stuff like that. I cringed at how sweet it looks ><

Yuck..........that looks way to sweet.....

Yuck……….that looks way to sweet…..

Look disgusting right? Well to me it does anyway. I don’t know how he does it. But then again, Nagisa has a weird stomach as will be revealed in later episodes….
Anyway since Gou deemed none of the lunches a “perfect lunch” she decided to make them one!~

Well so, Rin then was shown taking his friends (Sousuke, Momo and Ai) shopping for new swimsuits. But then…..they met Gou! Momo was way too excited when he saw her that he started talking to her excitedly and making her feel a bit uncomfortable. Apparently the fact that Rin is her brother and doesn’t approve, didn’t scare Momo even the tiniest bit? xD

I must say, he's kinda cute though~~

I must say, he’s kinda cute though~~

My favourite part I must say though, is the second flashback of Rin and Sousuke’s childhood. It was kinda sad actually because it was revealed that after Rin left Sousuke always waited for Rin’s letters but slowly they died down. I felt bad for him because if I was in Sousuke’s position, I would be really sad myself. Rin! How could you!! Please don’t forget about your friends like that ><
It was also shown the race between them and the promise they made as a kid. Basically, Rin has to do something for Sousuke but even now, he still hasn’t decided what that something is. (Psst! Just ask him to be your boyfriend xDDD)
I have a feeling though that Sousuke will probably demand his price later. I just hope that it won’t be something bad….
Another part that I thought was really sad is when Sousuke and Rin argued after the relay and Sousuke said that they shouldn’t swim together on relays anymore. Rin looked so heartbroken that I was like ‘no!!! why are you breaking the bromance??!!!!’ TT^TT
Not to mention back in the present, Rin and Sousuke later have an argument about a similar topic. Basically Sousuke said that Rin shouldn’t waste his time playing around when he could be improving his time. However Rin expressed how important the relay is to him and that his friends are the source of his strength. I guess Sousuke could see Rin’s feelings because he then decided to join the relay team.

I thought that this part was quite nice actually, despite the bittersweet parts of it. There isn’t much that we know at the moment about Sousuke, however this flashback revealed parts of his friendship with Rin. Because they seemed to be really good friends, I kinda compare their relationship to be that of Haru and Makoto. Well Haru and Makoto has a what I would say balanced relationship I guess? I mean Haru can be headstrong sometimes if it’s to do with what he wants, but he’s also quite calm. Makoto on the other hand is a really nice and selfless character. He would certainly put Haru’s wants before his own. They would hardly (if ever) fight but they might have problems making decisions in the future, because they (Mako-chan especially) would be worried about the other person. Sousuke and Rin on the other hand are two very headstrong characters. They often argue as can be seen in this episode, and certainly they would often disagree with each other. However if there was a problem, I think it would be easier to be solved between Sousuke and Rin rather than Makoto and Haru. This is because Makoto and Haru would probably hide it to not worry the other, while Sousuke and Rin (Rin in particular really) would probably out rightly say/shout the problem. Either way, I have faith in all of them!

Wow look what I did…..how did it get to be like that. Well I probably will be comparing these four more in the future though, because I guess it is very comparable. But for now I guess I’ll stop there now, before I get more side-tracked ^^




On a happier note~ Gou returns with her so-called perfect lunchbox. At first glance it looked perfectly normal…it looks good even. However when Makoto and Haru had to try it…..

Oh man those expressions....><;;;;;;

Oh man those expressions….><;;;;;;

Man poor them! Based on their expressions, it must’ve tasted pretty horrid!
Turns out it was because she put protein powder into her food!! (This reminds me of Riko’s cooking from Kuroko no Basuke…..)
Yikes Gou, of course it would taste horrible!

One thing I’ve learnt everyone, is that NEVER put protein powder into food!!!!!!!