Wow….I haven’t posted in two years………..
Sorry ^^;;;;;;;;;

Honestly, I just haven’t been reading or watching anything much last year. Uni kept me busy unfortunately. Well I’m on holiday now so I’ve actually been watching a lot of korean variety shows hahaha. Like what? Uhm…Running Man…Infinite Challenge…Hello Counsellor…Weekly Idol….stuff like that xDD Ah I’ve also finally got time to watch Shinhwa Broadcast? Lol can’t believe those guys are nearly in their 40s~ they act like kids xDDD

Other than that I’ve been gaming too~ I’m replaying FFX-2 since I never got to finish it before ’cause my copy broke before I could get there TT^TT
I also finally bought KH 2.5 so I’m playing that too. Axel~~ Roxas~~ I missed ya guys~~~
Hahaha not sure if I’ll be able to finish both games before uni starts again…but I’ll try hard? ^^;;;;;

My friend has also lent me Game of Thrones (and I bought the 2nd book lol), so I’m reading that at the moment. Oh, should I write up a review after I finish? Man it’s been so long since I last did one hahaha……..

Anyway uh I just posted mostly ’cause I was suddenly reminded by how long ago I posted….and honestly I don’t know how often I can post reviews anymore. Realistically, uni really keeps me busy (last year was hell, so I’m sure this year will be worse ><) but maybe I’ll just do random posts once in awhile?

Oh, oh! Ya know, it’s only Feb- the 2nd month of 2016- and yet so many of my favourite groups/singers are releasing new albums! It’s not fair! I want to buy them but I’m broke~~ international shipping is expensive!!
Hmm…..should I talk about them here? Ah why not… we go~

  1. How much love do you have in your wallet- Park Yoochun (15th Jan 2016)

    How do you add videos here? ahhh I don’t know~~
    Anyway uh, I just love this song. Yoochun’s voice is so nice and clear~ even though he was never the main singer, it’s clear that he has the talent. It’s even more awesome because this is his first solo and he released it as a gift for his fans while he’s in the army. That’s so nice of him!! We certainly appreciate it~ thanks Yoochun, stay healthy and come back safely!

  2. Roco Drama- Shin Hyesung (11th Jan 2016)

    Hyesung!!~~ How did I not know about your comeback!!! I was so shocked when I saw it!!
    He did really well though! I love this song, and Hyesung’s voice is heavenly as always~ worthy of an idol of 18 years. Personally what made it even cooler for me was that he used choreography here. Because Hyesung sings ballad songs, usually his solo doesn’t have choreography. Also, he’s known to be not a really strong dancer, so he certainly worked hard to learn it. It’s also nice that he used parts of dance moves from their other songs. Like the chair dance from ‘Alright’ and that part from JunJin’s solo…
    Also isn’t the flower move just really nice? I love it so much~~
    Hahaha anyway, good job Little Prince! xDDDDDD
  3. Little Prince- Ryeowook (27th Jan 2016)


    Aww~~~ this song is just so cute! I love the music video so much. I don’t know much about the story of Little Prince, but I just love how it’s portrayed here. Poor Ryeowook and his rose ><
    Also his voice is just amazing! Even when he does live it sounds like he swallowed the CD! How can you hit those high notes?!! I’m always so amazed by his ability. This further proves that Super Junior members can sing okay? I just hate it when people say they can’t sing. Listen to this song and tell me he can’t sing, I dare you!
  4. NO.X album – Jaejoong (12th Feb 2016)

    Full Album Audio

    Jaejoong!! This album left me speechless. I just love all the songs here! And the fact that it’s a full album! Like Yoochun, he prepared this album before he enlisted into the army as a gift for his fans. But as I already said this is a full album so it must’ve took so much effort and time to prepare it! Thank you so much! I certainly love it and I’m sure all your other fans do too. Good luck and stay healthy~ and come back safely soon! Oh? I believe he’ll be released in Dec? Yay!
    I really want to buy this album……I’ll save up!! ^O^

Anyway yeah…see what I mean? Hahaha not that I’m really complaining…in fact I’m happy~~ But yeah… poor wallet….lol ^^;;;;;;
Huh…I guess in a way this is a review too? Just a really brief one?
Hahahaha I’m so strange… posts seems to jump everywhere whenever I don’t have a definite topic to talk about. My bad~

Well then I guess that’s all for now…..please listen to those songs~ hopefully you like it as much as I do!
(Who am I talking too though? Does anyone even read my posts….^^;;;;;)

Hahaha Bye Bye~