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Haha so guess what? I’m alive!!~~ ^///^
Uh yeah so here we go again….

Rating: 5/5

Damn. This series is so good.
I absolutely loved the first book. It was interesting and very unexpected. I really didn’t expect the twist they added, although now that I think about it….maybe I should have seen it coming haha xD The second book was pretty good, although I still preferred the first book better. So, when I found this book, I really was excited to read it. And man I was very impressed.

So in this book, Carthya is up in a war against Avenia (mainly) and a few other countries. Unexpectedly (or maybe it was expected after all?) they had kidnapped Imogen and used her against Jaron. Just like the other two books, the author never failed to surprise me. It’s like, the characters are always on top of each other, so you never really know who’s gonna win in the end. I really liked Jaron because as a King, he was very unexpected. I mean first of all, he’s young. Also he’s quite…a rebel, haha. He’s often very impulsive but he’s also cunning and very witty. I really liked Jaron ’cause he seemed to always be able to trick his enemies and insult them at the same time. So yeah~~

I also liked how it was constantly they lost, they won, they lost, won and so on. It kept me really intrigued and I couldn’t stop reading because I wanna know what’s gonna happen next. I never quite know exactly when they’re goona win if he’s really gonna die. And then suddenly something good will happen and he’ll win! Haha.
I also liked how Jaron interacted with the other characters. He’s quite blunt and sometimes a bit rude, but you can tell that he cares about them, even constantly risking his own life for his people. Seriously, I approved of Jaron being a king *nods nods*
I also liked Amarinda suprisingly. At the start of the second book, I was worried that she’ll be an annoying girl. But I was wrong, she’s pretty awesome and brave as well. I really approved of her and Tobias together, I knew it was gonna happen xDD
And of course I liked Imogen from the very start. She’s interesting, brave and not like typical female characters whose thoughts are only filled with love. In fact my favourite part of this book is that romance is not the main plot at all. I am SICK of reading books where the romance fills it to the brim. However it was nice that the romance was a background plot. It was there and it waws nice, but not too much. I liked how Imogen and Jaron interacted with each other as well. It was subtle like running her finger through his hair, but it was noticeable and pretty sweet. So yeah, I totally approved ^^

Overall it was really nice. Just like the previous two books the best part of this book was also the way that Jaron would use his wits and brains to overthrow his enemies. It was a very good way to keep me entertain I think.
So yeah, loved it. Totally. I would recommend it to everyone~