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So, so, the second season of Free! is finally out!! Actually it’s been out for a few weeks but I’ve only decided to start a review about it now. So I suppose I’ll do a review for each episode after this~~

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Free!, it’s an anime about swimming. Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei are a part of a swimming club in their high school, Iwatobi. They are preparing to gain new members for their club and also reach the nationals. However, a rival of theirs is the famous and strong swimming team Samezuka, led by their captain Rin. And not only that there are also future plans to think about and new characters to deal with. Either way, it is still filled with some funny scenes, interesting characters and also of course….shirtless guys. Well, swimming anime and all~~ xDDD

Well for Episode 1 it starts with a VERY familiar scene if you’ve seen season one. Makoto (aww I love the guy) goes and picks up Haru for school…….but Haru insists on making mackerel first after his bath. As always xD

Makoto!!! So cute!!!! ^////^

Makoto!!! So cute!!!! ^////^

Also they went to visit Samezuka because their captain has graduated!! (I’ll miss you Mikoshiba senpai!!! ) However, Rin has been named the next captain! Yay, I’m so proud of him. He has really mellowed out a lot since the last season. I guess after he got his ‘issues’ sorted, he’s back to his normal self!! Which is the ‘Guardian of Bromance!!!” Wohoo!!~~ (name courtesy to my friend)
He even cried in front of his sister!! Aww it’s okay Rin, the cherry blossoms- filled pool WAS beautiful! Too bad it rained~

Also, they swim club had to come up with an advertising strategy to gain members. And for some reason, the idea Gou (their manager) came up with is…..MUSCLES!





And more muscles!!!

And more muscles!!!

And of course this cutie who just couldn't stop blushing ^o^

And of course this cutie who just couldn’t stop blushing ^o^

So yeah, too bad it didn’t work? xDD
Ah who cares, it was damn hilarious!!!!

Something else that happened was the arrival of the new character, TADA!! His name is Sousuke Yamazaki and he’s Rin’s childhood friend. Okay, first impressions of the guy.

1. What the….that hat…that style….are you copying Rin? Because that’s how he showed up in season 1!!

Rin- season , first appearance

Rin- season , first appearance


Sousuke- season 2, first appearance

2. Whoa dude, are you being a stalker? Don’t watch the others swimming creepily like that!

3. Yikes his eyes are scary!! So intense!

4. ……tch. He’s good looking.

SousukeSo, who IS this guy?

well then, on to episode 2 we go~


Basically on ep 2 we find out that Sousuke is Rin’s childhood friend that had for some reason decided to follow Rin to Samezuka. His specialty is butterfly also he can also swim freestyle. He and Rin are good friends but for a mysterious reason, Sousuke really hates Haru. I mean come on, look at their first encounter!!

Yeah please don't.....Haru is Mako-chan's, no need to be jealous~ xD

Yeah please don’t…..Haru is Mako-chan’s, no need to be jealous~ xD

Have I mentioned I ship SouRin now? Kinda hard not too?

Aww lol, how cute xD

Aww lol, how cute xD

But of course, first ship would be MakoHaru!! Yeah those two are so cute…..besides, they act like a married couple anyway! Hahaha xDD


See Sousuke? No need to be jealous, Rin is all~~ yours xDD

Anyway, in all seriousness…..there’s also another new character this time~

And guess what?!

It’s Mikoshiba senpai’s brother!!! His name is Mikoshiba Momotarou and his specialty is backstroke. He apparently associates himself to a sea otter? That kid is so funny and random haha!! He’s so~~~ similar to his older brother! And apparently they both have the same taste in girls to!!! (which is of course, Gou)


So yup, episode 2 is basically introducing new characters!! There’s apparently one more new character, but he doesn’t come out until later so yeah~~

Well then, there’s that for ep 1 & 2

I’ll be back for ep3 soon since I’ve already watched it awhile ago anyway~~

Preview- Ep.3:

In order to gain more members, the Iwatobi swim club members are entering the relay race in the school athletics day!! And they are running!!!!!

In their swimsuits.

So, will they win?

Also, what’s wrong with Rei? Why has he been distance and is he….leaving?