Hello  everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. This will consist mostly of games, books and anime reviews. I love reading books, from dystopian, fantasy, or even classical. Ah! Of course this also will include mangas! I just love them so much! ^o^

I’m also a gamer. I love RPG, especially ones that are made by square enix. Yeah, if you know what I’m talking about, then good on ya! If not, I’m referring to games such as the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts and many more. I’ve also been introduced to some otome games lately so I might review those ones too. Who knows, we’ll see how we go I suppose?

Also, I will review other things such as anime or maybe even dramas that I watch. Mostly anime though. As you may or may not realize yet, I’m also a huge fan of anime. There are many good ones out there and I hope that you’ll watch them too if you haven’t already. Hmm am I making sense? *laughs*

Anyway, thanks again for checking out this blog. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Flava!! ❤ I didn't know you had a blog??! This so cool~~ Keep it up dude ^w^

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